Highly Flexible Couplings

A flexible coupling exists to transmit power (torque) from one shaft to another, to compensate for minor amounts of misalignment and, in certain cases, to provide protective functions such as vibration dampening or acting as a “fuse” in the case of torque overloads. Browse below all VULKAN highly flexible couplings we offer in Greece and don't hesitate to contact us to assist you.

Vulkan couplings κομπλερ βουλκαν



The RATO S and RATO S+ couplings are highly-flexible rubber couplings designed to compensate for radial, axial, and angular shaft displacements in connected machinery. They transmit torque through shear-loaded elements and offer a range of torsional stiffnesses and damping factors for optimal tuning of torsional vibration behavior. The coupling consists of a torsional flexible element, a membrane package to absorb axial and angular displacements, and connecting parts for the drive and driven machinery.

RATO_S_VULKAN COUPLINGS-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος


The RATO R and RATO R+ couplings are high torque flexible couplings designed for installations requiring torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity. They offer high dynamic load capacity and good rotational properties due to low rotating inertias. They are primarily used in high-speed main/PTO systems driven by Diesel engines or electric motors. In the low to middle torque range, the RATO R and RATO R+ couplings provide an alternative option. The ACOTEC range offers smaller sizes with higher power density for a favorable price/performance ratio.

RATO_R_highly_flexible_coupling-VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος


Vulkan RATO DS and RATO DS+ couplings are high torque flexible couplings designed for applications requiring torsional flexibility and moderate misalignment capacity. They complement the marine engine couplings RATO S and RATO S+. Specifically developed for rigidly mounted ship's main propulsion systems, these couplings offer various stiffness options for tuning torsional vibration response. They ensure backlash-free torque transmission, adhering to VULKAN Couplings' tradition.

RATO DS RATO DS+-VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος


RATO DG and RATO DG+ engine drive couplings are designed for installations with medium torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity. They are used in drives with rigidly mounted diesel and gas engines, electric motors in marine, offshore, and stationary applications. The couplings are also suitable for positioning drives with vertical support. With various torsional stiffness options, they can be finely tuned for steady-state and transient torsional vibration response.

RATO_DG_Highly_flexible_coupling-VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος


The VULKARDAN E coupling is a highly-flexible natural rubber torsional coupling designed for free standing installations. It compensates for radial misalignments and performs well in flexible mounted engine installations. It offers multiple natural rubber qualities for different system requirements. Silicone elements with progressive stiffness characteristics and high temperature resistance are also available as an alternative.

vulkardan_E_flexible_coupling_VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος


The VULKARDAN F is a compact and lightweight highly flexible coupling, suitable for flexibly mounted drive systems. It compensates for radial, axial, and angular offsets using a soft element and high-performance membrane. It is available in various rubber qualities and silicone for precise torsional tuning. Designed for small gearboxes, it eliminates gearbox rattling sound. A modular tuning mass can be added for optimal comfort.

coupling-for-ships-vulkardan-f-VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος


The VULKARDAN G is a highly flexible coupling designed for auxiliary and generator applications. It is suitable for non-SAE engine drives and offers the flexibility to change the elastomer without displacing connected units. It achieves low power loss and optimal torsional vibration control with a new elastomer design. Resonances are eliminated, and engine governor effects are prevented. The VULKARDAN G compensates for offsets and is available in different rubber qualities for precise tuning. It effectively reduces gearbox rattling sound and can be customized with a modular tuning mass for added comfort.

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The VULKAN VULASTIK L highly flexible coupling is a versatile coupling with various rubber qualities and a silicone option. It can be single or dual execution with a hub, flanged casing, and disc-shaped element. The coupling compensates for shaft displacements and achieves low power loss. It optimizes torsional vibrations with a new elastomer and eliminates resonances. The VULKARDAN F is suitable for flexible drive systems, compensating for offsets with a soft element and high-performance membrane. It reduces gearbox rattling sound and offers a modular tuning mass for comfort.

VULASTIK_L_highly_flexible_couplings_VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν


The VULASTIK XT is an axial pluggable coupling designed for non-classification applications. It offers six rubber qualities for customization and easy axial plugging. Its lean design provides commercial benefits, and the alternator design allows for optimized thermal usage and high permissible power loss.

Vulkardan-XT-VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν

Integral Shaft Support

VULKAN ISS (Integrated Shaft Support) is a coupling system that addresses installations with a large angle of inclination in the Cardan shaft. It combines a bellhoused coupling with bearings to support the lateral and axial reaction forces of the shaft. This reduces load on the engine crankshaft and optimizes torsional vibration characteristics.

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The MEGIFLEX B coupling is a highly flexible torsional coupling with a modular design. It complements VULKAN's product portfolio for small torque applications. Its rubber element offers torsionally soft behavior, shock absorption, and high displacement capabilities. The MEGIFLEX B is suitable for main propulsion and auxiliary drives, and it comes in various sizes and rubber stiffness options. Its compact and double cardanic design allows for versatile drive shaft installations. The MEGIFLEX B also incorporates a fail-safe device for added safety.

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The TORFLEX is a dual-stage torflex coupling designed by VULKAN to meet increased demands on drive systems. It is specifically made for bell housing installations and offers progressive stiffness characteristics. With its optimized design, it ensures silent and smooth operation, even at low speeds during idling. The TORFLEX coupling reduces vibration and is suitable for engine installations with external spline gearbox input shafts or as Oil Press-Fit.

Torplex coupling: High-performance solution for drive systems HIGHLY FLEXIBLE COUPLINGS-VULKAN-κομπλερ βουλκαν-ελαστικος συνδεσμος