A clutch allows the engine's mechanical energy to be transmitted to or disconnected from the propeller shaft. A ships clutch is significantly larger than other types, given the significant dimensions of ship engines. Browse below all VULKAN clutches in Greece.
Marevanton offers hydraulic, centrifugal, mechanical and other ships clutches.

Vulkan couplings κομπλερ βουλκαν



The VULKAN MESLU marine clutch is a durable, pneumatically operated double-cone friction clutch designed for dry running. It features external friction sheaths for high shifting capacity and effective heat dissipation. The clutch produces no axial load when engaged or disengaged and offers automatic adjustment as the friction linings wear. With durable synthetic resin linings, the VULKAN MESLU clutch ensures reliable operation for years, even with frequent shifting.

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The TDS Plafrix is a compact coupling solution that combines the VULASTIK L coupling with a Desch Planox clutch. It offers different stiffness options for torsional vibration tuning and is pneumatically actuated at 5.5 bar. The clutch uses organically coated dry-friction discs with reduced disc count for efficient operation. The lightweight aluminum housing provides protection and support for the output shaft with an integrated bearing. The TDS Plafrix is designed for hybrid tugs in medium service with up to 4,000 operating hours per year.

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